B2B eCommerce

Grow your customer base and revenue by offering a convenient, straight-forward shopping experience.

B2B eCommerce

Some of our favourite B2B features​

Catalogue Management

Control what products, categories and information pages your B2B customers can access (even allowing overlay of own descriptions and codes per product)

Approvals And Permissions

Multiple authorisation levels with approval workflows enabling end-to-end spend and purchase management.

Pseudo Currencies

Allow users to place orders using points, allocations or on account payments to keep company spend confidential and to control individual user spend.

Multiple Store Views

Manage multiple stores from one system such as a trade view, customer specific trade view and a consumer view.

Re-ordering / quick order functions

Permit users to create re-order lists for products that they frequently purchase.

Budget controls

Control user spend with budgets which auto-refresh over a period of your choice.

Detailed reporting

Give your customers full visibility over company spend by user, depot, department, cost center code, PO number, product and more.

Price hierarchy

Display tiered prices to different customer groups, with the ability to offer promotions and discounts to certain user groups, too. Customer specific pricing can also be achieved.

Returns management

Allow users to manage the end to end returns process online either through automated workflow or customer service communications.

Scalable technology

Technology designed to scale at the same pace as your business.

Fast and mobile responsive

Our PWA technology provides your customers with an app-like experience on mobile devices, creating an easy and accessible UX to meet today's user expectations.

ERP integration

Whether you want to upgrade or integrate with your existing IT infrastructure, we will ensure the transition is seamless and smooth.

Industry tailored functionality

B2B customers often demand more complex processes to be fulfilled online. Using our flexible online ordering platform as the shell, we can deliver a solution bespoke to your industry and business processes.

We build beautiful websites that integrate seamlessly to your existing legacy systems.

Industry solutions

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