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Microservices architecture is the next big thing in software programming, and it’s growing in popularity as we speak. Whilst this is not an entirely revolutionary idea, the way in which microservices architecture is now being used opens up a whole new world of possibilities for a vast collection of different industries.  


For those operating in the B2B eCommerce space, knowing about microservices architecture could soon prove vital. Let’s take a closer look at what microservices architecture is, and what it really means for businesses today.  



What is Microservices Architecture? 


Microservices architecture may sound like confusing terminology at first, but the idea is relatively simple. Microservices are independent software services that provide specific functionalities. This means that they can work independently, responding to requests as and when required.  


Built on a base of services-oriented architecture, microservices offer a range of different benefits for businesses. Systems like these are often seen in use at large, complex organisations such as global businesses, but they can also be advantageous for small to medium-sized enterprises looking to get ahead where functionality is concerned.  


According to a recent study by Nginx, 36% of enterprises surveyed are currently using microservices and a further 26% are now in the research phase. Microservices architecture is officially entering the mainstream.  



Why you need to consider Microservices Architecture 


When you look at what microservices architecture can do, there’s a clear case for building eCommerce projects in this way. The modularity of these services equates to some compelling advantages that businesses should not ignore.  


Microservices can be easier to test, develop and deploy initially. Once up and running, microservices offer plenty more benefits, from enhanced capabilities to scalability and reliability.  


Microservices are independent, yet they communicate seamlessly with a vast array of different processes. As each service acts like a mini application, new functionality can easily be implemented to each application, with no knock on effects or disruption for other services. So, developers can change and maintain separate services without impacting the overall customer offering.  


When they use microservices, organisations can change and develop in a way that suits them. Microservices are therefore particularly helpful for businesses that are constantly changing in light of customer feedback and demand, and what business wouldn’t want to be able to do so?  


If reliability is a concern, microservices should definitely be considered. These applications can be depended on, as they are independently used, tested and deployed. This means that they are far less likely to fall foul of service interruptions that could prove catastrophic for an online business. Processes can also be maintained and monitored separately, for complete peace of mind.  


With microservices, businesses can ensure that their applications are consistent across an array of web platforms and devices, from mobile to wearables and fitness trackers. And as increasing numbers of consumers adopt web-ready devices for everyday use, the importance of this could soon skyrocket.  


The number of global enterprises using microservices is on the rise, with big names such as Netflix and Amazon already making full use of this cutting-edge programming. And when you look at what microservices can do, it’s easy to see why so many organisations are starting to sit up and take notice.  


If you’re interested in learning more about how microservices architecture could help your business, you’ve come to the right place.  


Our team of experts are on hand to talk you through what microservices could do for you, and how you can implement microservices for the benefit of your customers.  

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