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As the Lead Designer for Evolve Retail, Leonie’s work extends beyond just producing attractive website designs. Her passion is UI, delivering websites that not only meet the client’s requirements for often complex functionality but where simplicity rules. Specialising in eCommerce web design, Leonie’s focus is to facilitate the user journey, removing any unnecessary distractions and drive engagement.

How have you seen the design process changed over time? 

During my time as a designer there has been significant progress in the way a site is designed. Before, we created designs on a page by page basis, and now we work on a components level. Treating elements of a page as snippets of reusable components. One method of this is Atomic Design. This involves breaking a website layout down into its basic components, which are then reused throughout the site, this gives the ability to mix and match components and create quicker prototypes and much more efficient for iterations.

Could you talk me through a specific design journey? 

We were hired by a company who sell aftermarket solutions in the automotive sector to redesign their website. First we looked at how the current website performed and how visitors were interacting with the content. We found the existing layout to be confusing, the journey was broken. The popular colour configurator felt like a separate entity taking visitors away from the core website and almost hindering the number of conversions. Our final design overcame this issue, the homepage now takes the user’s intent into account incorporating all the necessary tools to facilitate the buying decision.

What challenges did you face during production?

The biggest challenge we faced was right at the very start of the project. We had our design kick off meeting to understand a bit more about what the client wanted and from there we came up with some initial concepts for the design. The client wasn’t totally happy with the style. After a second consultation they gave us a more detailed document of their likes and dislikes. This experience helped us improve our internal design process. We now send a design questionnaire to our new clients before a kick off meeting to get as much information as needed so we get the design right first time with fewer iterations, which has proven successful with new clients ever since.

What new design trends or features have become more popular?

Micro-interactions have increased in popularity. These are fun little responses to an action a user might make. A hover/click effect on a button, scrolling transitions, It is a way to involve and engage audiences on your website. Use of video is becoming more popular too, be it a video banner or animated gif or use of videos to showcase products in a more lifestyle/realistic manner.

What about you as a web user?

  • What and where was your first online purchase? Probably something off of Amazon
  • Your most important feature on an e-commerce website? Easy to use navigation so you can quickly get to what you are looking for
  • Pay pal or payment card? Pay pal 
  • What makes you leave an e-commerce website? If the site is slow 
  • Account or guest check-out? Account
  • Can you be tempted by banner ads? Rarely 
  • Do you search for discounts codes? Occasionally
  • Do you read reviews? Yes
  • Should effort be put into a 404 page? Yes 
  • Would you shop in a VR store? No

Thanks Leonie! I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work.

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