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Intelligent Retail Integration with Magento

Using Magento opens up all kinds of possibilities in terms of website design, mobile-responsive design, user journey and features proven to optimise sales conversion and basket value.

The Evolve e-commerce managers and development team have experience in integrating Intelligent Retail to Magento and supporting the connection of the two systems day-to-day.

Information can automatically flow from Intelligent Retail to Magento updating product information, product categories, prices, bespoke customer prices, currencies, orders, payment information and order status.


In addition to Magento's standard features, we have developed bespoke features to manage important tasks

  • Minimum order quantities
  • Payment on account or with order
  • Multi-currency support
  • Customer wish lists
  • VAT rules
  • Quick order lists
  • Delivery cost logic
  • UOM management
  • Minimum order values (per product & basket)
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La Coqueta

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