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The Tunnel

22nd December 2017

Your website should be a tunnel. As soon as your customer enters the tunnel, all they should be motivated to do is get toward the light at the other end. There should be no distractions, no reasons to leave, no secret escape doors or reasons to turn back.

The average conversion rate is around 2%, meaning that if 100 people enter a website (the tunnel) only 2 people come out at the other end with a purchased product. What happened to the other 98 people? Perhaps they turned back, maybe the journey was too long, too difficult, or too treacherous...

The point I'm making here is that your websites conversion rate is a direct result of what happens in that tunnel. A typical e-commerce journey or ‘tunnel’ is based around the following structure:


Home page
Category page
Product page


For the purpose of this blog, let's focus on the checkout phase. The following statistics were recently released listing the main reasons why customers abandon their shopping basket at the checkout phase of their journey.

61%   Extra costs too high
35%   Registration required
27%   Checkout process too complicated 
24%   No up-front total order cost visible
22%  Website had errors or crashed
18%   Didn’t trust the website with credit card details
16%  Delivery too slow
10%   Returns policy not satisfactory
8%  Not enough payment methods
5%  Credit card was declined 


Almost all of the issues above can be rectified by making various changes to the checkout experience.

Of course, there will always be some circumstances when a customer abandons your website and the reason is out of your control. For example, if the customer was looking for a red dress but you only have blue in stock then there’s not a lot that the user journey can help with here. However, it’s about addressing the issues which are within our control, and that is where we really start to see conversion rates increase.

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