Amazing work for
Totally Rads
A blend of flexibility and usability to provide the ultimate user experience.
Flexible Shopify Design
We designed a completely bespoke website for Totally Rads, enabling their customers to shop their wide range of customisable products with ease.
Shopify Web Design
ShopiFy Web Development
"Thanks! Amazing, thank you so much to you and the team for creating a banging website. Please pass on a special thanks to Oakley for persevering today!"
James McCartney
Business Development Director
Digital experiences that resonate
With such a large range of customisable products, Totally Rads were looking for something more than just an off-the-shelf Shopify theme. They needed a website that provided more functionality than their current offering, and an experience that matched the sophistication and unique preferences of their clients.
The vision
The project aimed to bring the client's vision to life by crafting a visually striking and highly adaptable website. Our primary objective was to provide a tailored platform that seamlessly accommodated the diverse array of multi-optioned products offered by Totally Rads.
The result
Through a flexible and user-friendly design, we ensured that customers could easily explore and personalize their selections.

By integrating variable products and efficient Linnworks inventory management, we established a streamlined process for the client to showcase their extensive radiator collection.

Furthermore, meticulous SEO optimizations were implemented to boost online visibility, contributing to an enhanced e-commerce experience for both Totally Rads and their customers.
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Totally Rads
A blend of flexibility and usability was required to provide a shopping experience that expertly showcased the variety and customisability of their products.
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